Our mission: End the era 
of throwaway merch.

Merchandise is the best way to make an impression with your brand, but 50% of products are thrown out within a month. We’re here to change that.

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Industry standard
Ordinary Supply

Short, brittle fibers

Over 90% of the world’s cotton products are made from short-staple upland cotton.

Long-staple cotton

Classified as a long, to extra-long staple fibre, Egyptian cotton creates stronger, softer and more breathable garments.

Questionable practices

Most in the industry don't even know their factories, let alone their farmers. Leaving room for unethical practices and zero accountability.

Transparent supply chain

We work with every step of the supply chain from farm to hanger, ensuring full transparency, fair pay, and ethical treatment at every step.

5-7x markups

Traditionally, promotional goods are marked up 5-7x more than what it costs to make the product.

No middlemen

By cutting out the traditional middlemen, we also cut out the traditional markups, creating a much superior product at a competitive price.

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